Maria Fey of Tuscan Design is passionate about helping you create an environment where you can: express yourself, relax, entertain, reflect, breathe, be inspired and most importantly, love the life you live.

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Maria has been in the Interior Decorating and Design Industry since 1998. She lectures at RMIT and also works as a Colour Consultant both for Dulux and privately. Maria is inspired by the process of moving the client from 'what was' to 'what will be'. It is a transformative experience for the client, many of whom cannot visualise the end result. The journey is often exciting and overwhelming, all at the same time. The final result always amazes and brings with it the realisation of how changes in space, light, colour and texture can truly enhance your world!

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Designing Kitchens Bathrooms and Laundries
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Colouring your world
Inside and Out
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Kitchen, pantry, bathroom or laundry
Renovation or New Build
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Embellishing Spaces
Adding the wow to Bedrooms, Lounge Rooms, Retreats and all the spaces in between
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Advising on the Layout of Space
Rooms / Courtyards / Alfresco Areas
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Selection of materials and finishes
For interior or exterior application
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Blinds, shutters and soft furnishings
(n.) the Japanese philosophy of ‘Imperfect Beauty’ – the patina of materials and colours created by the passing of time and the beauty of imperfection.

Wabi Sabi

“Why is it that many of us find serenity and aching beauty in crumbling, rusty, fraying things? By celebrating their decay, we allow ourselves to acknowledge that things do crumble and rust and fray – that they are impermanent”...

Tuscan Design uses the principles of Wabi Sabi to inform a more honest approach to decorating our homes or spaces. It’s about creating a harmonious space – a sanctuary.

It moves away from:

  • floral arrangements to using natural greenery
  • machine-made to the handmade
  • cluttered spaces to clean spaces
  • electric dryers to clotheslines
  • trading our longing for perfection, into acceptance of ‘how the ageing process of all things, people and places’ can be beautiful – when we open our senses...
  • Wabi-Sabi embraces “the patina of graceful aging” (Robyn Griggs Lawrence)
“I fell in love with this boat, and how it was in the sand - abandoned yet settled with the green of nature hugging its weathered old timbers.”
Port Arlington 2012 Maria Fey

Case Studies

In my experience as a Colour Designer and Interior Designer – I have come across many homes where clients want to achieve a “fabulous look” – but assume it will take a large budget. Not necessarily so!

By ‘seeing’ what we may love amongst our possessions, and perhaps culling what is unnecessary, re-arranging furniture, repurposing objects etc., and a new paint colour scheme – the home can be transformed... and so can we...

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